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If you’re thinking about suicide, 9-8-8 is here to help. Call or text 9-8-8 toll-free, anytime.

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CMHA Peel Dufferin offers a range of services for older adults and seniors, including intensive case management, specialized geriatric services, crisis services, supportive counselling and advocacy, as well as a Seniors at Risk program for those who may be experiencing abuse or neglect.

Aging poses a unique set of mental health challenges, as older adults experiencing social isolation can be especially vulnerable to anxiety and depression, Overall, mental illnesses (including dementias) affect about 30% of the elderly population (those aged 65 and over). While dementia rates are rates are 2% for seniors between the ages of 65 and 74, they steadily increase in higher age groups. The dementia rates for seniors aged 85 and over are 35%.

Seniors at Risk System Coordination – Dufferin

Designed to assist in providing a safe short term solution for clients who are being neglected or abused until a longer term plan can be developed and implemented with a…

Seniors Intensive Case Management – Dufferin

This program is for Seniors who are experiencing serious and persistent mental health concerns. Seniors having challenges accessing supports due to geography, isolation or changes in informal support system are…

Specialized Geriatric Service – Dufferin

An assessment and treatment program for Dufferin seniors who are experiencing age related cognitive decline due to dementia, depression, delirium or pharmacological reasons. Who can benefit? Anyone experiencing age-related cognitive…

Treat at Home

Treat at Home supports older adults experiencing mental health concerns to lead fulfilling, satisfying lives within their community. What is Treat at Home? Treat at Home offers intensive community- based…

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